Assistance Needed(Millington, TN)

On October 1, 2017 me and my wife Carla suffered a fire which resulted in us losing practically everything we own. Carla suffers from sever depression, Scoliosis, and PTSD. In light of the tragedy that has just befell upon us,she has slumped into a level of depression that effects her emotionally as well as physically. I call her my 'Miracle Wife" because she wasn't expected to walk past the age of 20...and yet she still walks...albeit with difficulty. My goal is to raise $149 to purchase a "Ultimate Service Dog Lifetime VIP Kit" for an Emotional Support Dog and we would also like to know if anyone has a German Sheppard Dog they woulld like to donate for this service. Ths is her favorite breed of dog and we ask that any prospects be mild-tempered, walks well on a leash and understands basic obedience commands. It doesnt matter if the dog is an older dog or male or female. The dog will greatly assist with her overall emotional well-being. Anyone willing to purchase this kit for us can order it from: Service Dog Registration of America Ultimate Service Dog Lifetime VIP Kit Price $149.00 Please be advised that should someone opt to purchase this kit you must provide the harness size at the time of ordering. We realize that there are many scammers out there which make people skeptical in deciding to assist individuals in need, that is why we request assistance in the exact amount and for only what we need. I can be reached via email at: